Spy vs. Spy is a video game based on MAD Magazine's Spy vs. Spy comic. It was developed by Vicious Cycle Software and published by Global Star Software. It was released for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2005.

Single player game modesEdit

All game modes can be played on Easy, Medium or Hard difficulties. This determines the amount of health enemy spies and other enemies have.


The Black Spy receives reports of a rogue General who is attempting to build a doomsday weapon and is sent on a mission to stop him. Gameplay proceeds through the eight main maps (modified to be more extensive) as the Black Spy encounters new enemies and the familiar White Spy along the way. Enemies drop coins which can be used to purchase inventory items from the Hideout installed in each location. Reports are received from HQ with instructions on what to do next, progressively unlocking other parts of the map as objectives are completed. A boss fight takes place at the end of each mission. Alternatively, the White Spy can be selected by the player to fight against the Black Spy, although this has no effect on the story.


Black, White, Blue and Red spies face off in one of eight main maps to collect four items in safes at the end of hazardous routes before being able to escape the map.


The Black Spy must race the White Spy to search safes for various items across a varying number of rooms throughout an Embassy, while leaving traps to hinder the enemy spy's progress. The four sought items are a Key, a Passport, a Disguise and a Bux Bag. Only one item can be carried at a time, until the Briefcase is found, which allows all the items to be carried at once. All five items are needed to escape the Embassy through an elevator, which is always located in a room with green walls and a wooden floor. Usually rooms contain three safes. Other weapons may be found within safes while counters to traps and healing points can also be found at random locations. A map can be summoned to monitor spy movements and identify rooms containing items or traps.

Multiplayer game modesEdit

More customisability is available in multiplayer. Up to four spies are permitted at a time, and may consist of a combination of 1 to 4 human players and 0 to 3 AI players. Mode configurations include modifying the inventory based on what has been unlocked and other game mode specific options, prominently, Run and Gun, which when enabled, disables access to players' Hideouts where they usually can heal and purchase inventory items, which instead spawn on the map. Game modes include:

  • Modern: Functionally the same as in single player, with more options.
  • Death Match: Players gain a point for killing and lose a point for dying. The first player to reach the required amount of points wins.
  • Last Man Standing: Players have lives and will not respawn once depleted of them. The last surviving player wins. Run and Gun is automatically enabled.
  • Armed and Loaded: Inflicting damage grants bux, although purchasing inventory items costs bux. The first player to reach the required amount of bux wins.
  • Get Mad: Players must collect a MAD collectible from a specific location on the map which rewards a point per second, and keep it in their possession by not dying. When a spy dies, the collectible respawns at the same location. The first player to reach required amount of points win. AI are not available for this mode. Run and Gun is automatically enabled.
  • Classic: Functionally the same as in single player, with more options, including up to four players, and the same set of Embassy maps.


There are eight main maps and twelve Classic maps.



  • 5 rooms
  • 6 rooms
  • 8 rooms
  • 9 rooms
  • 10 rooms
  • 11 rooms
  • 12 rooms
  • 14 rooms
  • 15 rooms
  • 16 rooms
  • 18 rooms
  • 20 rooms


A player possesses six inventory slots. Two of which are assigned exclusively to counters, while the other four can include any other item.


  • Player Spy Health: 20 HP
  • AI Spy Health (easy): 20 HP
  • AI Spy Health (medium): 27 HP
  • AI Spy Health (hard): 40 HP


Weapons are designated by their icon possessing a red background. Long ranged weapons can be fired precisely while in stationary position using the zoom mode

Weapon Type Damage Firing mechanism Ammo Notes
Spy Fu Melee 4 Normal Default, cannot be sold; available in Classic
Club Melee 5 Normal Available in Classic
Chainsaw Melee 7 Normal 10 Enables headwear and constant sound; available in Classic
Slingshot Long ranged 2 Load/release Projectiles ricochet twice
Machine Gun Long ranged 1 Automatic 150
Bazooka Long ranged 9 Normal 14 Has area of effect, can self-inflict damage
Bomb Deployed 16 Load/release 4 max Enables constant sound; bounces; 5 second detonation period; loading initiates the detonation period, releasing throws the unit; explodes on contact with a spy; can self-inflict damage
Suicide Monkey Deployed 12 Normal 3 max 10 second detonation period; seeks the nearest opponent, will reprioritise to seek the nearest Banana Peel, or the deployer if neither are nearvy; explodes on contact with a spy or Banana Peel; can be damaged to detonate prematurely; can self-inflict damage
Lightning gun Limited range 3.5 Automatic (45.5?) Seeks targets in nearby proximity
Flame Thrower Limited range 2 Automatic (22.5?) Has area of effect; marks a damaged spy with a flame above their head; defeated spies are smoldered
Ice Gun Limited range 0 Automatic ? Has area of effect; slows spies increasingly until they freeze into a block of ice and become invincible for 3 seconds, then receive 100% damage
"Plasma Gun" Long ranged 1.666 Automatic ? Not normally available to players


Traps are designated by their icon possessing a yellow background. All traps, with the exception of the Time Bomb, can be carried up to a stock of 4. Positioned traps can be disarmed by being fired at using the zoom mode of a long ranged weapon. Will expire after a long period of time.

Trap Type Damage Trigger Notes
Dynamite Positioned 20 Manual Explodes; can detonate multiple packs simultaneously
Proximity Mine Positioned 8 Proximity Explodes
Lectro Mine Positioned 12 Proximity Electrifies
Fire Mine Positioned 20 Trip Invisible limited range beam; burns, defeated spies are smoldered
Trip Mine Positioned 20 Trip Visible unlimited range beam; explodes
Banana Peel Thrown 0 Contact Stuns for 3 seconds; distracts Suicide Monkeys
Bear Trap Thrown 5 Contact Stuns for 5 seconds
Time Bomb Deployed 16 Room entry Available in Classic only; unlimited stock; becomes active once the deployer leaves the room; 5 second detonation period, makes a buzzing noise when activated; damages all spies within the room


Counters are designated by their icon possessing a blue background. All counters, with the exception of the Knight's Helmet, can be carried up to a stock of 4, and will be depleted by 1 with each use.

  • Decoy: Death from an activated trap is prevented using a doppelganger.
  • Fairy: Forces respawning to occur at the start of an item route if having died from it.
  • Knight's Helmet: Grants an additional 15 HP to the wearer (available in Classic).
  • Wrench: Prevents a death and disarms a safe/door trap.

Safe/door trapsEdit

Safe/door traps are designated by their icon possessing a green background. They instantly kill the next spy that interacts with them, unless the spy possesses Wrench. Using the Gadget item highlights trapped doors or safes, otherwise there is no way to detect them. Outside of Classic mode, the items of the respective groups are functionally the same but with different animations with slightly differing lengths of time. Classic mode uses three alternate counters that are found from various sources within the Embassy. They have unlimited use, but are specific to certain traps and are automatically discarded if the player switches to deploy traps.

Safe trapsEdit

Safe traps are inserted into safes. The next spy to open the safe will be instantly killed.

  • Boxing Glove (available in Classic, countered by the Pliers)
  • Flambe (available in Classic, countered by the Fire Extinguisher)
  • 900 lb Gorilla
  • Mallet
  • Shocker

Door trapsEdit

Door traps are inserted into doors. The next spy to open the door will be instantly killed.

  • Acid Bucket (available in Classic, countered by the Umbrella)
  • Anvil
  • Electric Doorknob